3 Tips for Promoting Your Blog

The goal of every blogger is to have his or her content read by as wide an audience as possible.  Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

By nature most bloggers love to write and share their thoughts, as well as discuss them with their audience.  Afterall, that is what blogging is all about.

Where most bloggers stumble is in actually driving visitors to their site.  The world of online promotion can be a difficult (and expensive) one.

However, there are a few tips that we have found to be particularly effective. For more info on promoting your blog through word of mouth read this post from Scott Chow.

Tip #1: Connect with other bloggers via blog commenting and social media

By commenting on other blogs related to your topic and connecting with topical influencers via social media, you are putting yourself (and your blog) out in front of an audience that you know will have an interest in what you have to say.

Tip #2: Write content that people want to read

Outside of your close friends no one is particularly interested in what you had for breakfast today.  Instead, focus on writing posts that apply to a wide audience.  Offering a solution for a problem is a particularly good way to get people interested.

Tip #3: Ask questions

By ending your blog post with a question you encourage people to leave their answers in the comments.  This is a great way to promote engagement with your readers which can lead to more people reading your blog with deeper interest.